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Staying Strong

This entry was personally written on October 1, 2012 with intended title of ‘Should Move On’. People should move on with life because life doesn’t stop to wait. Life is not like train which stop a bit for us to get on. Life is more like flowing water. It doesn’t stop, if you try to contain flowing water, it’ll burst out when the container is full. By then, things get even worse. So, just let things go. Just let everything go with the flow. We watch, we learn, we understand the means as it goes. My train of thoughts wasn’t always stop at a specific terminal which I can consider necessary, I was always thinking about insignificant things, I didn’t really get why things happened at times, like a foolish kid. Sometimes being confused can be viewed as a mark of cuteness but not for me, it’s only showing how ignorant I could be; not to think what was that suppose to mean. It bugs the crap out of me to think that I am that kind of a worthless fool. But that was me which was how I u