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fitrah merdeka

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. nostalgik walaupun tak pernah ke sini... is Independence is a good thing?  adakah Merdeka suatu yang baik?   ( wah, statement daring sangatkan, mampu membuatkan aku didakwa di bawah ISA, kan..! ) it is just a question. no hidden agenda. so, when a question is asked, it's requires an answer. just answer it to yourself because I wouldn't want yours. I've mine. not that I am arrogant of anything but the answer should always be 'Yes'. if there's ever a 'No' as an answer, then ask back to yourself, on what ground would that be so? for me, Merdeka worth more than what it conveys in meaning. try to Google Translate it, or just plainly search the meaning of ' merdeka ' in a dictionary. you'll find... adj. independent, free, sovereign, self-determined (and the likes..) BUT... would that suffice the meaning that Merdeka behold? No... Merdeka meant a lot more that just some adjective, or verbs or any other grammatical

ucapan raya Jahn, kan...

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. and yes, finally it's Eid ul' Fitr (mengada, kan..!) and the battle to survive starvation is over. (battle sangat, kan... cam nak pergi berperang, betullah, berperang dengan nafsu). BUT.. is the battle really over? yes, if we talk about Ramadhan ended, yes it is... but the soul of Ramadhan should always be brought forward with us. Syawal teaches us to appreciate the hardness we faced during the fasting season. it teaches us how to be more composed and how to be human, in a way we should really be. so, don't lose the soul of Ramadhan although the holy month leaves us. stay with it and have faith in it. InsyaAllah, everything will be easy for us, depending on how you see what 'easy' is.. till then, Salam Syawal from Jahn. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin if my writing in this blog should be offensive to your view. I am but a person whose full of khilaf. Sorry once again and be happy. remember, stay safe, stay handsome (

novela the curious case of whatever 13

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. this entry is very special kepada Jahn kerana setelah lama mengedit dan menambah cerita, akhirnya, Jahn feeling2 puas hati walaupun sebenarnya hampeh je entry ni, kah kah kah...  hal ini demikian kerana, Jahn telah menerima bukan main banyak kritikan membina oleh teman-teman FB yang mengikuti perjalanan novela TCCOW ini... katanya kenapa Jahn lambat sangat. Jahn busy la lately, alasan basi, kan... lantak..! hahaha... so, skang Jahn dah siapkan part 13... segala kekurangan harap dimaafkan, kan... hari-hari raya camni.. eloklah... kah kah kah..! silalah membaca dan jangan banyak hal..! hahaha..! Part 13 Act 61 “No, Fik, I cannot let you in this one, it’s too dangerous!” tingkah Izz keras. “Kau tak faham ke Izz? Alia is not with me, she must be in trouble, I need to save her?” balas Taufik. “What made you so sure Alia is in some kind of a trouble?” tingkah Izz pantas tidak ingin membiarkan Taufik berfikir yang bukan-bukan walaupun kejap dalam hati

blog kau beratlah...

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. नमस्ते (Namastē) is Hello in Hindi. (duhhh..!) ini bukan bosan tau, ini menyampah.. tahap kaw2 punya.. do you get that irritating feeling when you opened a blog (a random one, because you are not a common reader to the blog but sometimes they did have a good entry which actually really nice and you wanted to read it) and it takes ages for the darn site to appear. well, most of the time, it is not the fault of the slow internet connection 100% but the site itself is, urmm well... mengada in a way. lots of those things called the  mengada widgets (you know those annoying stuffs, I know it is your blog, it's completely up to you to dress it according to your preferences but what is the point of having a blog if no one can actually reads it?). or maybe you just simply hate those widgets (personally I am. that's why my blog goes so modest now, hahah..!) BUT... most of us get bored with waiting for the site to load and prefer to hit the 'Close&#

sekadar luahan di pagi hari

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. in life, we've went through a lot of things. good things and bad things. encouragements and obstacles. but what really matter was that we undergone those things. one moment when you felt things were hard, you just wanted to call it quit. your spirit went away and you couldn't make things right to where it belong. it's just sad, how you can actually be so fragile in a way you shouldn't have been. but that's life, we're just human who slipped in things. but that's it... you're slip. you don't mean to make mistakes. things happen. each and every of it has a reason. the other time when you were at the right track of doing something, you were eager to kill it to the very end. it was a satisfaction you received when you knew that what were you doing was according to the careful expectations. the feeling of contentment filled your very soul. but often at times, you'd become conceited. so smug and cocky. and this time around, y

novela the curious case of whatever 13 (TEASER)

“Kau tak faham ke Izz? Alia is not with me, she must be in trouble, I need to save her?” balas Taufik. “What made you so sure Alia is in some kind of a trouble?” tingkah Izz pantas. ~~ “Look, selepas Amie bebas… akak kena tangkap. Akak dibawa dekat Ari, kan. Kalau betul Alia dah kena tangkap, kenapa dia tak ada dengan kita. Serius cakaplah, sepatutnya tak susah orang-orang jahat itu nak rampas dia daripada Fik. Ari tak rasa macam itu?” duga Adni kepada Ari. ~~ “Ha’ah, dialah. Aku dengar cerita dia tu bahaya. Sebelum ni dia pernah ada cubaan nak bunuh Tengku Azhar.” ~~ Loki memandang hadapan. Dia menghalakan pistol itu menuju hadapan. Lagaknya seakan ingin membidik haiwan buruan sahaja. Ya, malam ini akan ada buruan yang jadi mangsa. ~~ “Abang risaukan Jimmy.” Afi memandang serius. Saat nama Jimmy disebut, saat perkataan ‘risau’ dikata, dia tahu ada yang tidak kena. “Maksud abang?” jawab Afi dengan pertanyaan namun dia tidak hilang tenang, yang dibuat-buatlah. ~

fiction of fact

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. χαιρετώ (read as chairetó) is Hello in Greek. Greek sangat, kan..!! a little fiction A day before Ramadhan. the Devil was very sure of what he had to endure for a whole of next month. he will be in the Hell. chained, he can't tempt human to do wrong deeds. he can't lure them to the abyss of digression. he can not! setan sangat, kan..!! but with a wicked smile, he opened his demonic red eyes and see through all human. there is something there. something that will kept his presence in the heart of the Human. he talked to the 'thing' whose lived in the very soul of each Human. "ALLAH have given the Human a hell of a blessing in Ramadhan. HE locks me away from them so that I can not lure them to evil. HE sure loves them so much! But you... you can help me... aren't you?" the 'thing' responded, "sure... I can apprehend them myself now that you're chained." with a devilish smirk, the '


ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Ahoj (pronounced as a-hoi) is Hello in Czech. okay, last night I went to a 7 Eleven store nearby here to buy some bersahur stuffs for me to have sahur. then, I proceed to the cashier counter with 1 Spritzer Tinge (Lemon), 2 Spritzer Pop (Lemon), 1 High5 Ikan Bilis Bun, 1 High5 Vanilla Bread and 1 Munchy's Dark Chocolate Oat Krunch. total up, RM7.60. Hmmm, I thought to myself... I need to get a decent job after this. I can't go spending money like this with no job. aaaaahh..! and then the female cashier asked me, " Abang nak derma barang?" I was like, " aaa...? buat masa ni tak kot," I responded with significantly no idea about what she meant. " ohh, takpe," she smiled. then suddenly I felt bad. she must've been thinking that I am but a stingy person. well, I'm not..! so I asked her again, " macam mana eh nak derma?" she attentively replied the steps... with an illustrative explainations...


ASSALAMUALAIKUM. прывітанне(read as pryvitannie) is 'Hello' in Belarusian. Salam 13 Ramadhan. Apa khabarmu di sana (cam nyanyi lagu Ramlah Ram, kan..!)? I hope everyone will be just fine. Amin. this is a simple update to show you my new header.. I've never go with a header as big as this one before but, I thought to give it a try. to my pleasant surprise, I liked it. hehehe.. that guy beside me (the one whose a little taller is my friend, you don't have to know who he is. haha..!) okay... since later on, I might change the header, I think I should upload it in this entry. (sekejap!) Jahnism is COOL! there it is... hahaha...!

mv terbaru aku bersama ex-housemates...

annoyed ke? hahahaha..!!

update pagi: terima kasih kejutkan saya bangun sahur.

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Hi, readers. (korang menyampah tak aku speaking? feelinggggg mengada, kan? LANTAKKK..!!) aku... feeling-feelingggg lelaki inggeris kacak berbahasa ibunda, kan... padahal broken..!! this is a short entry for the morning, I just wanted to say Thank You... (like in a formal way) to each and every person who wakes me up to have sahur. You don't know how you guys means to me. (macam big deal, sangat, kan..!!), how you get me through... each obstacles (to open my eyes), each hard situations (to get that ikan bilis bun into my mouth). so I make sure I'll work harder to never disappoint you (to wait till Maghrib to break fast, even not together). I'll stay strong, so you stay strong with me too..!! thanks to:- julaikha seri ayu (1st person to text me) abdul hakam ibrahim (2nd person) kelly kelly (3rd person) aina (my sister)(4th person, dia kata dia tak boleh puasa hari ini) syaza ibrahim (5th... luyya!!) aina (my friend) (6th person, thanks for ca

not active blogging

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Përshëndetje is hello in Albanian. (I'll be doing this crap, saying hello in various languages from now on). lately, Jahn was being really out of place. a lot of things to think with no actual reason to think of it. come to think of it, I was really messed up. (I know, annoying repeating words). takde mood...huhh!! so, my mood to blog was as well... urmmm, spaced. I don't really know why. I don't know where it goes cuz I don't feel like writing now. need a break...?? kau mampu perisa green tea yang tawar2 pahit tu jadi kit kat..? kau nak makan..? hebat kau..!! hmm, maybe I just need a break but the break is not what is there to be compromised. a part of me saying don't rest too long, cuz you'll end up being left behind. that is bad. and yes, another half of me telling me, pacing up too fast is not who you are, Jahn, you're actually slow. what the...? sebenarnya kau tu lembab, Jahn...!! hahaha... not much people 'm

tolong hormat agama aku

Assalamualaikum, I was annoyed dengan seorang Chinese lady ini tadi. She came with a bunch of kids with her, most probably hers lah, kan. Time itu azan menandakan waktu Maghrib sekaligus menunjukkan yang waktu itu masa berbuka puasa. She was coming in to our outlet with her hands on her ears seperti menutup telinga and pandang aku then minta aku tukar channel TV (Oasis atau TV1, aku tak sure)... mood aku tadi memang baik but after that, I was like, "kau ingat aku suka dengar orang dari agama kau kalau mati buat perarakan macam nak sambut menantu?" tapi dalam hati jelah...apapun disebabkan dia customer, aku tukarkan jugalah selepas azan habis (kau nak channel apa betina, bisik aku dalamhati... nak tengok Supersport? nah amik kau... tengok jelah orang sepak-sepak bola tu ye, kau bukan faham pun football tu apa, kan? aku saje je... ingat aku nak tukar TVB, JANGAN HARAP!) Regardless of you being a customer, hence the saying "CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT", I just can&#