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header baru saya

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. me and my friends..! feeling2 muka jambu kan masing-masing, walaupun di dunia nyata muka kau miskin, kan..! Hi, I just wanted to update that I'll be using a new header. to those who read this blog, thanks... to those you don't read this blog... (mmm, they didn't read your blog, Jahn... why are you wishing for them?), urmmm, yeah, you don't read here so, you don't know anything, har har har...! so, what do you think of this pic? I remember drawing this one couple of years ago... when I was in part 5 diploma... haaa... very, very long time... and now, I decided to use this as my blog header... personally I value this pic really big sentimentally... because these were my friends and I that I was drawing...the red-haired guy was Akas, I was beside him (the blue-haired), the green-haired was Sesat and the one who is at the far right was Abegay. I drew this for Akas for his final project. just a friend-to-friend favor. then, it turns out

setan ada tak dekat masjid?

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. Hi, did you ever thought something like this, " setan tu tak ada, kan dekat dalam masjid..? " I have that kind of feeling, but I don't really know lah because for the reason that if you can see the devil  and if it is not there (at the mosque), so it means... devil do not enter mosque lah... but yet, did you ever think why people still be doing wrong deeds when they are in such holy place..? okay... 1st of all, did you see the warning sign, " AWAS, PENCURI KASUT! " AWAS..! now, that's bad! lo que es malo, muy, muy malo..! (that's bad, really, really bad ~ in Spanish) okay, what would you feel if your slipper/ shoes suddenly disappeared... and you need to go back home... bare footed, damn..! u might want to resort to these agaknya nanti... okay, maybe the desire to steal people's slipper came to them when these pencuri selipar was out of the masjid... or is it just me..? hmm, I think it's just them..! (the p

a whole new beginning

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. હેલ્લો is Hello in Gujarati. sunrise is always viewed as a beginning of hope and wishes..kan, mellow lak aku, kan... mengada sangat..! excitement comes with something new, something fresh and something you don't actually did before. whenever we are about to do something new, it'd make our heart pounds. that is normal. nothing unusual about it. everyone's applicable. so, so am I. why am I being so much excited? well, nothing much to brag about other than I will start a new life now.. cehhhh, big deal, huhh..? but yes, whenever we start to do newer things in life, which we never did before, we tend to be really excited at it. like that time when you were 1st have gotten hold of your driving license, you think that you own the world (okay, maybe a little exaggerating.., you' feel like you can go everywhere in the world). even actually, you don't have a car yet but yes, having a license to drive is just as same as having the ability to

knowledge should humble you

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. I read an entry at Maria Elena's blog . the title of her entry is  knowledge should humble you . I don't think I need to introduce Maria Elena to you because she is a well-known blogger and vlogger/ youtuber, so I think you should known better. Even if you didn't know her, just google her out. Nora Elena, eh... Maria Elena..! back to the main topic, I totally agree with what she said there, knowledge should actually make someone humble. I just realized this. how 'not clever' I am all this while. hmmm, sometimes, I felt that I am a little arrogant at things because I tend to have the 'I-know-it-better-than-you-so-you-should shut-up!' attitude. so, I must've not being knowledgeable enough I think, as it didn't make me humble. Astagfirullah 'al azim... thank God, I knew it now. okay, what I wanted to stress out here is that I find a lot of bloggers, some of them are rather popular ones, who find  themselves so much knowle

Al-Fatihah kepada Allahyarham Normafaizul Mohd Nor

ASSALAMUALAIKUM. I can't believe that someone would even go so far as to say, " haa... itulah, nak sangat pergi tempat macam itu, last-last semua balik! " . Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Normafaizul Mohd Nor Personally, after hearing that someone would even say such things, I think he don't know the meaning of 'social responsibility'. Going to such places is not of anyone's favor but for the sake of helping others and for the sake of work commitment, everyone would have to do it. Casualties happen not once in a while. it is a natural day to day basis. everybody would died and there is no such way to avoid it if it were to happen.  What we need now more than most is to pray for them, give them strength and do not tell that what they did is something in vain. there is no waste of doing what they did. if you were to do what they did, are you of any will would like do that? so, before having sceptically saying such rude things, just thin