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tidak pasti

It was a quite morning, with roti canai and nasi lemak on the table for two at a local canteen-like eating place for the two of Jahn and Emil. People are having breakfast and some of them are playing dam haji. Some of the others go as well as to play cards… but not to the extent of berjudi that is. Good. Jahn looks distantly. The dialogue is just about to start. Jahn: When all these things end up, I want to settle down peacefully, get married and have kids and live happily ever after for some time before I’m dead. Emil: How can you be so sure? You’d think you get married? Jahn: What do mean by that, you prick…? Emil: Nothing, I’m just curious with your logic of life sketch. Jahn: Do you need to be curious? This is my life anyway, let me, myself prepare for it. Emil: True and I’m not butting in on it, now am I? I’m just asking “how sure are you on that”? Jahn: Now that you mentioned it. Well, actually, apparently, honestly… not sure. Emil: No answer or not sure? Not sure is t

we end that up with a big round of applause!!

Assalamualaikum! itu dia, akhirnya... Yanie Asgarali telah menamatkan pengajiannya! Sebuah pencapaian yang sungguh menakjubkan, marvellous y'all! SELAMAT TINGGAL UiTM!!! (for now!) tepuk la sikit!!!

susah ke malas?

Jahn: It is not easy to ‘ renovate’ yourself in a day or two, you know. Some people took lifetime to change what they did, then… to what the do, now. So, don’t feel jacked up if you are moving slow on the path now. Take it easy and just go with the flow. River finds the sea, eventually. Emil: EASIER SAID THAN DONE! Jahn: Okay, maybe that is so but… you never know what’ll happen unless you try, right? Emil: That is not the problem; the problem is that how to get start with something you have no clue about. Like seriously, what to expect when you’re have… no… thing to expect. Jahn: I was thinking you’d say, “What to expect when you’re expecting.” Emil: Try to make fun of me, eh? Cut to the chase, get in the line. Jahn: Okay, okay… I got it already. Huhh, hmm…you’re not having nothing to expect. You have things you’d be looking forward to. So, channels it. Set goal, draw mind maps and execute the literature. Get all things written down, so you won’t forget. Evaluate every angle of


Assalamualaikum, A boring night is not such a bad picture to be in. It's a good way to buy some time just for yourself to be alone for awhile, for tomorrow you'd be at the office again. Doing works you don't really like doing. This post tonight is absolutely nothing to offer. It is just but a 'full of myself' blog post. I need to warn you guys reading this, it's boring... big time boring. You can just switch to another webpage if you like but it doesn't kill you if you read. Ok. Well, sometimes I act all tough. Tried to be tough at the inside in hope that it showed on the outside. Some times, a little now and again I did looked firm, composed and convincing. Much of the rest, I looked pathetic, somewhat a wannabe and people might think I'm stupid. I really don't feel much about it. No anger or anything because I do think that, they're just of the same too. There would be time when they're stupid and pathetic too. At least for my own

Challenge channels change

Assalamualaikum, Sometimes in life, we tend to favor when others look up on us as it boost our self-confidence and self-worthiness. Considering of how hampeh who we really are. Not to tell that we are hampeh but because we know to what extend we are actually just capable of doing. Sometimes people see us like we’re SOMEONE although actually we are nothing. Erm, not nothing, we’re just not up to what they see in us. I think the word is ordinary. People see us big but actually we’re just ordinary. Come to think of it, is it a bad thing? Being average; being just like that, not too high though never low; being ordinarily just fine. Well, I’m not saying that, “Don’t strive for the best, just stay here, don’t go extra mile.” I’m not like that. I’m not here to de-motivate people but I am merely asking a question. Is it wrong to be average? No, if you are at that the best you can be. Yes, if you let go of a chance to enhance your life for better. So, my dilemma is actually