A boring night is not such a bad picture to be in. It's a good way to buy some time just for yourself to be alone for awhile, for tomorrow you'd be at the office again. Doing works you don't really like doing.

This post tonight is absolutely nothing to offer. It is just but a 'full of myself' blog post. I need to warn you guys reading this, it's boring... big time boring. You can just switch to another webpage if you like but it doesn't kill you if you read. Ok.

Well, sometimes I act all tough. Tried to be tough at the inside in hope that it showed on the outside. Some times, a little now and again I did looked firm, composed and convincing. Much of the rest, I looked pathetic, somewhat a wannabe and people might think I'm stupid. I really don't feel much about it. No anger or anything because I do think that, they're just of the same too. There would be time when they're stupid and pathetic too. At least for my own redemption.

I'm weak sometimes, actually often. I'm not embarrassed to admit that fact. I really am not tough like what I tried and would like to be, I really am pathetic inside, outside. It's just me...

...and I am sad about it. Not shame, just sad.

Luckily these days I don't cry so much, not so often like I used to be. Maybe I think man don't cry, which is a pure bullshit. Guys cried and it look stupid. So, they're refuse to cry... or at least would find a suitable place to be crying. Again, a mark of being pathetic.

But what else to do? I am just but a weak, insignificant person who is not of any worth to anyone. Maybe I exaggerated things but... what is more to say?

But yeah, when I come to think of it again, when I get cooled off, when I collect myself back, when I try to be tough again... troubles are just but rocks on the passage to your way home. You need to kick it away so that you can go back to where you'd feel safe and sound.

So, don't be all that weak for something just so... trivial. People would always make you feel down, they're haters. But some people also help you to go through hard, tiring times... they're counselors, haha... they're good guys!

Jahn: Things get hard if you don't work it out.

Emil: They turn even worse if you just mourn over it.

Jahn: And people won't help if you don't even try to pull over.

Emil: So get up and get running cause you're left far behind already!


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