Challenge channels change


Sometimes in life, we tend to favor when others look up on us as it boost our self-confidence and self-worthiness. Considering of how hampeh who we really are. Not to tell that we are hampeh but because we know to what extend we are actually just capable of doing. Sometimes people see us like we’re SOMEONE although actually we are nothing. Erm, not nothing, we’re just not up to what they see in us. I think the word is ordinary.

People see us big but actually we’re just ordinary.

Come to think of it, is it a bad thing? Being average; being just like that, not too high though never low; being ordinarily just fine.

Well, I’m not saying that, “Don’t strive for the best, just stay here, don’t go extra mile.” I’m not like that. I’m not here to de-motivate people but I am merely asking a question.

Is it wrong to be average?

  1. No, if you are at that the best you can be.
  2. Yes, if you let go of a chance to enhance your life for better.

So, my dilemma is actually the second. I have pretty much enjoy with what I currently had right now; have job, monthly income and pretty much at ease with my life now.

But I have something more to do which might result in lost of job, no income, and would put my life on edge. It’s not really pleasing actually. It’s not mishap, it’s a risk. Yes, a risk.

It is a risk of a risk that I don’t confident taking. Well, I am just being complicated again.

It is just a risk lah, why risk something when you already have enough things now, kan?

But yeah, like I said earlier, I’M NOT HERE TO DE-MOTIVATE ANYONE, not you… and completely not me. So, if a risk I am all to take, then rape it. Oh no, too explicit use of word.

Embrace it (now that would sound a little intimidated. Hehe…).

Risk is a challenge. A challenge channels a change. A change draws a new line for you start. A start is all you need to get going to where life has something better stored for you. 

Emil: I think you’re just being stupid Jahn.

Jahn: Really? Why?

Emil: Because stupidly, up till now, you can’t decide.

Jahn: Really, am I?

Emil: …stop being stupid, my friend.

Jahn: …well, I guess so…

Emil: Its okay my friend, you know what they say, life’s a bitch. I’m gorgeous and you’re stupid.

Jahn: You have 4 stupids so far.

Emil: Really? So stupid of you counting that. Haha…

Jahn: 5.

Emil: Hehh, stupid.

Jahn: 6.

Emil: Keep counting that, you moron.

Jahn: At least a change.

Sleep tight.

P/S - need to sleep tonight for tomorrow challenges is up against me. I hope I can do the changes real good!


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