fitrah merdeka

nostalgik walaupun tak pernah ke sini...

is Independence is a good thing? adakah Merdeka suatu yang baik? (wah, statement daring sangatkan, mampu membuatkan aku didakwa di bawah ISA, kan..!)

it is just a question. no hidden agenda. so, when a question is asked, it's requires an answer.

just answer it to yourself because I wouldn't want yours. I've mine. not that I am arrogant of anything but the answer should always be 'Yes'. if there's ever a 'No' as an answer, then ask back to yourself, on what ground would that be so?

for me, Merdeka worth more than what it conveys in meaning. try to Google Translate it, or just plainly search the meaning of 'merdeka' in a dictionary. you'll find...

adj. independent, free, sovereign, self-determined (and the likes..)


would that suffice the meaning that Merdeka behold? No... Merdeka meant a lot more that just some adjective, or verbs or any other grammatical doctrine.

Merdeka holds the meaning of how we live our lives up till now.

it holds all the sacrifices that the past leaders, fighters, warriors, soldiers had done. for us to live happily now.

how they went through such anguishing hard times just to fight those brats who colonized not only the land but also the pride and the sovereignty of this once magnificent land.

that is what Merdeka really is to me.

yes, I may not seem such a person who showed how much I treasure Independence. but that is subjective, right..? how we feel about certain things and how we showed it is not something that should be overrated. it's enough that we knew the meaning ourself.

and yes, the title of the entry is Fitrah Merdeka. so, it means The Raya mood is heavy. (walaupun tak kemana-mana sangat pun, kan... haaaaaa..!)

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 54. and still, Selamat Hari Raya Aidlfitri.

p/s - a friend of mine said this at Facebook, "Merdeka? Ada makhluk tu baru lepas dari dibelenggu. Jangan dok syok sangat. Takut satgi tiba tersama." and I was like... betul kan... that's why I came out with is Merdeka is a good thing..? tu..


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