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नमस्ते (Namastē) is Hello in Hindi. (duhhh..!)

ini bukan bosan tau, ini menyampah.. tahap kaw2 punya..
do you get that irritating feeling when you opened a blog (a random one, because you are not a common reader to the blog but sometimes they did have a good entry which actually really nice and you wanted to read it) and it takes ages for the darn site to appear.

well, most of the time, it is not the fault of the slow internet connection 100% but the site itself is, urmm well... mengada in a way. lots of those things called the mengada widgets (you know those annoying stuffs, I know it is your blog, it's completely up to you to dress it according to your preferences but what is the point of having a blog if no one can actually reads it?).

or maybe you just simply hate those widgets (personally I am. that's why my blog goes so modest now, hahah..!)


most of us get bored with waiting for the site to load and prefer to hit the 'Close' button up at the right side of the windows. hmm, then what happen to the good entry that blog offered... down the train je lah ek?

hmm, I know this is a little lame but I think you should change the blog to its mobile view. I know some of you guys didn't know how, so here is a little bimbo/bieber tutorial.

just type ?m=1 at the end of the url at the address bar. it'll change the annoying layout of the site to its mobile view. this one is a little more lighter than the web version.

e.g, ---->

I think it looks a lot nicer than the original 'mengada'ly made blog... hahah..!

p/s - sorry, this is just an option to those who really wants to read your darn slowly load blog. (confident je kan padahal blog kau belum tentu selaju unifi..!)



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