Ahoj (pronounced as a-hoi) is Hello in Czech.

okay, last night I went to a 7 Eleven store nearby here to buy some bersahur stuffs for me to have sahur.

then, I proceed to the cashier counter with 1 Spritzer Tinge (Lemon), 2 Spritzer Pop (Lemon), 1 High5 Ikan Bilis Bun, 1 High5 Vanilla Bread and 1 Munchy's Dark Chocolate Oat Krunch. total up, RM7.60. Hmmm, I thought to myself... I need to get a decent job after this. I can't go spending money like this with no job. aaaaahh..!

and then the female cashier asked me, " Abang nak derma barang?"

I was like, " aaa...? buat masa ni tak kot," I responded with significantly no idea about what she meant.

" ohh, takpe," she smiled. then suddenly I felt bad. she must've been thinking that I am but a stingy person. well, I'm not..!

so I asked her again, " macam mana eh nak derma?"

she attentively replied the steps... with an illustrative explainations... it goes like this:-

kalau tak nampak enlarge lah the picture..
I replied, " next time saya derma eh.. nanti ada banyak duit nanti," with a hunky smile, I felt so handsome. hahah..!

I get in my friend's car and started to brag about this, " 7E is having a charity sale... some sort of like beli barang and derma to various orphanages and other places."

my friend replied, " oh, macam US's fight for hunger program lah tu.. there's a lot of people yang tidak mampu, up to the extent they didn't eat well."

I think that's a very good cause, I mean.. it's easier for us to give out things to the needies. moreover, this is Ramadhan. bersedekah itu adalah sangat-sangat dituntut.

the program is called Semurni Kasih 2011 by 7 Eleven Malaysia.  for more info, do visit their FB page and 7 Eleven's official website at http://www.7eleven.com.my/html/default.aspx?ID=7&PID=240. you can see what is the proposed items to donate, how to contribute and the list of beneficiaries to the program. the program will be held from 1st August - 4th September.

although I am not an eligible person to say this, but enlightening the burden of others is a jihad. being good to others is what Allah wanted us to do, so do consider some of your money when you shop at 7 Eleven to be contributed to the people whose really in need. 

[Mafhumnya] Orang yang mengusahakan bantuan (pertolongan) bagi janda dan orang miskin ibarat berjihad dijalan Allah dan ibarat orang solat malam. Ia tidak merasa lelah dan ia juga ibarat orang berpuasa yang tidak pernah berbuka.
(Hadis Riwayat: Imam Bukhari)


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