a whole new beginning


હેલ્લો is Hello in Gujarati.
sunrise is always viewed as a beginning of hope and wishes..kan, mellow lak aku, kan... mengada sangat..!

excitement comes with something new, something fresh and something you don't actually did before.

whenever we are about to do something new, it'd make our heart pounds.

that is normal. nothing unusual about it. everyone's applicable.

so, so am I. why am I being so much excited? well, nothing much to brag about other than I will start a new life now.. cehhhh, big deal, huhh..?

but yes, whenever we start to do newer things in life, which we never did before, we tend to be really excited at it.

like that time when you were 1st have gotten hold of your driving license, you think that you own the world (okay, maybe a little exaggerating.., you' feel like you can go everywhere in the world). even actually, you don't have a car yet but yes, having a license to drive is just as same as having the ability to travel. that is one.

and yeah, when you loved someone and the feeling's mutual, you feel like there's nothing you want more in this world other than... him, or her... or what he or she can offer... lets not go into details, yahh..! but there it is... that is a wholly new experience, hence you are being excited about it.

so, what I really wanted to say here is that, whenever we are about to do a new things in life, we ten to be having a heart pounding feelings. an excitement that drives you to that things.

hahaha, an easy entry, right..? I know, by the way, I'm a simple guy at head.. and heart..

p/s - and yes, excitement is just but a spark of flame.. how long the heat could last is how much you put efforts to let it burnt.


Very interesting... I really like it... Thank you so much...

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