knowledge should humble you


I read an entry at Maria Elena's blog. the title of her entry is knowledge should humble you. I don't think I need to introduce Maria Elena to you because she is a well-known blogger and vlogger/ youtuber, so I think you should known better. Even if you didn't know her, just google her out.

Nora Elena, eh... Maria Elena..!

back to the main topic, I totally agree with what she said there, knowledge should actually make someone humble. I just realized this. how 'not clever' I am all this while. hmmm, sometimes, I felt that I am a little arrogant at things because I tend to have the 'I-know-it-better-than-you-so-you-should shut-up!' attitude. so, I must've not being knowledgeable enough I think, as it didn't make me humble. Astagfirullah 'al azim... thank God, I knew it now.

okay, what I wanted to stress out here is that I find a lot of bloggers, some of them are rather popular ones, who find  themselves so much knowledgeable, unfortunately they're not being humble with it. more to it, they would actually go so far as being a complete disrespectful people.

God gave a head to contain the brain which is where He stores the intellect He lends us for us to be a caliph in this world. but seriously, what do we use that intellect for? fighting with each others over trivial matters? being super proud with how knowledgeable we are? disregarding other's opinion even it means for something good to us?

actually, being clever, brilliant, genius, intellectually bright are not of any privilege. because, having those things with us make us more prone to these other things called riak, takbur, kufur nikmat. now, that is not good. there is indeed no glory in whatsoever, to behold such things close to our heart.

but yes, I am here just with an opinion. I don't weigh much in changing other people's attitudes because I am only speaking on a micro level. (yeah, suddenly Jahn became sooooo humble, kan..)

p/s - this is the first time I talk about Maria Elena's Blog because I only knowing her just for a few months now (wahhh, knew, kan..! cam kenal sangat..!) ... she has a very good writings.. not to mention good english too.. and yes, she is a modest blogger, knowledge humbles her...


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