setan ada tak dekat masjid?


Hi, did you ever thought something like this, " setan tu tak ada, kan dekat dalam masjid..? "

I have that kind of feeling, but I don't really know lah because for the reason that if you can see the devil  and if it is not there (at the mosque), so it means... devil do not enter mosque lah...

but yet, did you ever think why people still be doing wrong deeds when they are in such holy place..?

okay... 1st of all, did you see the warning sign, " AWAS, PENCURI KASUT! "

now, that's bad! lo que es malo, muy, muy malo..! (that's bad, really, really bad ~ in Spanish)

okay, what would you feel if your slipper/ shoes suddenly disappeared... and you need to go back home... bare footed, damn..!

u might want to resort to these agaknya nanti...
okay, maybe the desire to steal people's slipper came to them when these pencuri selipar was out of the masjid... or is it just me..? hmm, I think it's just them..! (the pencuri selipar's genuinely bad attention to steal other's shoes)

2nd, I stopped by at RNR Ulu Bernam this aftertoon... another warning sign at a surau there, " TIADA PANGGILAN YANG LEBIH PENTING DARIPADA SERUAN ALLAH "

cik jah dari HQ google malaysia tolong carikan gambar sentap ini... sentap, okeh...
sentap, okeh... so I silent my phone... ironically, the warning sign is from TM... I don't know whether it is just some sort of a marketing  strategy or it is merely a CSR (corporate social responsibility) that TM did, but one thing I know, people do not really care to silent their phones in mosque... I know it is plainly their rights to turn on the ringtones but if it's a Lady Gaga's Judas's your ringtone... you might want to turn it silent! please, I mean like soooo ironically awkward melody to be heard in such kind of place. but yeah... even your ringtone is a ' sepohon kayu ' (what is that song, I don't remember),

silalah berhemah sikit lepas ni... silentlah phone tu kat dalam majlis... paling penting majlis dekat masjid...
so, please and please... do silent your phone... just set it on vibrate if you're in a desperate expectation of calls...

so, moral of the story... people still do bad things even in the place where we call RUMAH ALLAH okeh...


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