LATELY, I was frequently being a source of a friend’s consolation. I don’t really suppose I’m a type of person that can console people when they’re grieving. I also have things  that worries me about. It’s just that when people comes to you, you cannot but to help them, right? After all, it’s not like you will need top pay some specific amount of monetary value. Though they should consider paying for our service, hahaha!

So, the yellow shirted guy... that’s me. That is the type of person I am. 

And, through the conversation aka pillow talk, we discussed many aspects in life, love and humanity. Sounds big?… believe me, it couldn’t get any bigger! What makes life meaningful? How should love be valued? To what extend, lives means? That kinda big. So, it’s big to me as I am living at my personal space at the house. not personal, I sleep at the hall. So, people can come and go. They’re often treating me like I am somekind of a post guard on duty. Making sure, the door is locked at all time. Making sure that the fan is switched off whenever no one is around. Well, tell you what…. screw you!

Huuuu… huuuu… okay, cool down… calm…

Okay, the title is Devil’s Advocate… which somewhat what I am being now. Don’t worry I’m no Lucifer.
Referring to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Devil’s Advocate means ‘someone who pretends to disagree with you in order to have a good discussion about something.

So, why do I say I’m Lucy’s Henchman? (Lucy is Lucifer, Devil… Henchman is konco-konco aka penyokong aka Advocate)

Well, at times when I am in a discussion with someone I may not be in a line of a complete assent with people or I am having a full mutual thought with them but for me, I learned to hear what people have to say because opinion is opinion. There’s no right or wrong. It’s just how people see things. What we might favor isn’t necessarily what make other view as better than what they think. After all, we’re individual. The unique mark of being human is individualism. Which in turns for me, it is good. Individualism makes you have stance and you stand at it. Though it might be flawed, but you believe in what you believe in. Which for me, it is good.

So, everytime me and my friend discussed about something, I tend to be the side that views things like a coin. Which sides are different but have the same value. It made up a value. So, when a friend’s thought might detriment a full 2 sides of everything, I will help them to rethink back about the other half of the coin he’s/she’s not seeing.

To do that, I deliberately being a Devil’s Advocate. I disagree with them. I say that why can’t it be like this, or like that… why does things have to be like this. Though actually I can see their logics, why they see the picture like what they told me. As what I said earlier on, opinion is opinion. No right, no wrong. But, people should see things in a full scale situation. If they say KFC is delicious, have they tried McDonalds? The analogy is as simple as that, whenever we have things we doubted, we think and we evaluate. But it doesn’t stops there… we need to follow up, re-evaluate before taking further actions. Some action taken in one’s life stays forever. So, be careful… help people to have clear-cut plan in whatever they do… have them thinking, not just do a ‘hentam kromo’ kinda action.

And I would like to say that you can become ‘The Devil’ once in a while…


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