THIS is a section that I dedicated to share and to tell you about my beloved spin off The Curious Case of Whatever.

Dekat sini, saya akan menulis tentang banyak perkara sepanjang saya menulis TCCOW ni, haaaa... ingatkan nak buat sebuah siri online series ni senang tapi rupanya cukuplah susah. Tetapi kenapa nak juga buat? Bukannya dapat keuntungan pun, so kenapa?

Jawapannya, I would say, demi kepuasan. Mudah je, kan? Yes, and that is the truth. Truthfully, honestly told... I wrote this spin off strictly for the sake of personal satisfaction and yes, yet another platform for me to sharpen my ‘hampeh’ fictional writing. Hahaha!

So, what made me satisfied with writing this online spin off serial? Well, I love DZ’s works... all of it. I must say I’m biased over her works but that just how it is. So, no commenting about that lah.

During the period of this spin off writing, I stopped around a year like that and left people who read the series questioning, whether I’m really stopping this or what. Truth is... I kinda lost the idea of what I wanted to write... because I’m the type of writer who’s writing a story driven by character(s), not story/plot driven. That’s why I was caught in the middle of the story part with knowing that I don’t know how to continue in the next chapters.

It was hard actually; I must say... it was utterly, really hard. That’s why I left it over a year. But the thought to abandon TCCOW was never an option from the beginning although it seemed that I was left with that option alone at hand. My heart’s broken inside, it bleeds (chewah!). To know that what I love the most (in my humble blog), can’t even prevail. But it was that time. Now, I’m back in business.
So, please enjoy the story that I dedicated to DZ and all of DZ’s readers who loved the characters created by her! And yes, some of the characters are mine.


Hmm, kadang-kadang apabila menulis TCCOW ni, Jahn terfikir tentang sesuatu. Timeline. Jahn agak keliru juga. Haha!

Actually benda ni jadi disebabkan apabila Jahn menyambung tulis cereka ini, Jahn rasa apa yang terjadi dalam TCCOW went back in time di mana ‘apa sahaja yang terjadi sekarang adalah natijah daripada apa sahaja yang terjadi dahulu.’

Jadi, Jahn terpaksa go back to the past where a lot of confusion can be re-imagined. So, by going back in time, you will somewhat messing up with the timeline juga sedikit sebanyak. Apa yang betul-betul membuatkan Jahn jadi macam bangang adalah... Izz, Izz is probably the eldest hero here. But, that doesn’t matter; he’s not even 40, so it’s ok. But overall, the timeline was just keep messed up once I made a series of flashbacks from time to time. Maybe this is yet another flaw of being a young new writer. I just need more time for adjustment.

Jadi, kalau ada yang membaca dan semacam terasa bangang juga macam Jahn, Jahn nak bagi clear sama ini timeline.

Okay, TCCOW started somewhere at the end of 2011, so ‘masa kini’ atau ‘current’ dalam TCCOW adalah pada pertengahan 2012.

Jadi untuk pengenalan, Jahn nak beritahu, TCCOW akan menjengah seawal 15 tahun dahulu. Pada 1997. Lama, kan... kalau budak dah form 3, form 4 camtu... kenapa 1997? Kerana pada waktu itu... Izz Karami meninggalkan Adni Zuhayra. Pada waktu itu juga,... ahh, nanti baca je! (muahhhhahaha... hahahahahahaha! Gelak jahat!)

The end!

p/s - TCCOW Part 14, Malam ini... kalau lambat upload, baca je esok... hahaha...


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