Jurnal Ramadhan Jahn 4 - Bak Kut Teh


Salam Ramadhan ke-6 semua. How y’all doin’? Hope you’ll be fine...

Today, I wanted to write a comment about the issue that is pretty much have affected almost all of us Muslim’s sensitivity... the ‘Selamat Berbuka Puasa dengan Bak Kut Teh... Wangi, enak, menyelerakan!’ and the apology that the couple made.

Jahn: motippp lah, kan natang ni?!!!
Emil: langkat lah seri nya kau ni, kan! hemboi, sehemboi, sehemboinya!!!
Jahn: sedap ke uolls?
Emil: sedap sehingga jilat-jilat ke? macam soto je aku tengok... kalau camtu takdenyalah nak wangi, enak, menyelerakan sangat pun... bisa je aku tengok! 

Tetapi sebelum itu, ingatkan anda tentang satu isu yang dibangkitkan oleh Patrick Teoh, isu tentang kelantangan beliau menghina Islam... di sini ada dua perkara yang kita harus lihat.

Yang pertama ialah ilmunya. If he really doesn’t understand Islam, then its fine... us Muslim must educate him, though I’m not convinced if he wants to learn Islam. But if he does have ilmu tentang Islam sedikit sebanyak, he’s a pain in my ass... since isu ini sudah lama berlalu, we don’t wanna make it up again. We forgive but never forget... if we forget, they do it again...

The second thing is that... it buckles my brain to think that with a simple apology, they can make things OK. I mean like, seriously... macam kau baling tahi dekat muka orang, then orang yang kena baling itu melenting, nak pukul kau, and then you said... “Sorry, that was an honest mistake.”

This is how I fell about what Alvin and Vivian did. To think that there are actually real people who have guts to do this... is stupendously insane!

Like seriously, doesn’t this two people have any clue at all that MUSLIMS DO NOT EAT PORK? Ah, come on!

That’s not an honest mistake. That is an utmost intentional insult. My verdict on why these two people do it is... they just some vulturous fame-bound-no-goods. Merely some random people that love to enjoy free bad reputation because what... apart from being getting tonnes of “dislikes”, they probably had people “liking” them... anti-Muslim, islamophobics, they love this, you know... but I need to stand a point of I’m not promoting aspersion here, this is just a wild guess from a frustrated Muslim. You know when you’re raged; you get pissed and frustrated, right?

So, that was what I have in mind... that’s the reason why... they are not merely just joked around... they really know what they’re doing to gather stupid attentions... again, this is just a wild guess from a pissed off Muslim to this whole mess caused.

Tetapi sila jangan salah faham, ya! I’m not a racist, not in any way I am proud to say I treasure ethnocentric to a higher level than necessary but I’m a proud Muslim and a proud Malay... why won’t anyone be not proud of their belief, right? And I am very sure, Chinese will always be proud to be Chinese too, but a good one will feel disgrace that Alvin and Vivian are one of them...

Again, about that apology video... Dear Alvin and Vivian, if you really did mean to apologize, then it’s good for you... I believe people should be given chances to make mistakes and learn from it... but to forget, that is something that doesn't apply anymore...

Though I have a mix feeling about the part where “with a simple apology, you guys walk away freely”, I think maybe that’s just how thing be relevant right now... you guys have good lawyers to win your freedom from sentences. Sedangkan bangsa aku, disumbat dalam penjara kerana menghina agama anda. Well, tak boleh kata apalah... dah memang salah menghina hak asasi seseorang atau sesebuah kaum itu, kan. Not gonna merajuk anymore because my faith and belief win against my resentment.

So, to top it all up... please respects each other, please be considerate, please find something else to do besides trolling, and please be proud of us being Malaysian!

Jahn: I said to my friend, don’t worry... these 2 idiots will be just fine...

Emil: What do you mean ‘will be just fine?’

Jahn: They’ll be okay... as if nothing’s ever happen lah...

Emil: Cukup tak adil, ya dunia ni?

Jahn: Hukum Allah itu yang maha adil. Dekat dunia ni senang-lenanglah... dah jalan nanti, mana kita nak nampak... apa balasannya...

Emil: Betul jugak... jadi kayu bakar je lah nanti...

Jahn: motippp sangat, macam lah korang sokong Najib sangat...
Emil: Troller trolls... that's what they do!


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