throwing this rock

I woke up every morning feeling the same
I don't know what I'll get next on the other day
I see things just as if they were the same
But everything besides me seems to have changed

I don't know if I really need to feel this way
It had been so long and why do I keep insisting
To hurt and to mend and then to hurt again
Do I need to keep repeating this?

I know you'd probably will just laugh
I know that you're laughing in his arms
I know that I will never feel enough
But now I must throw this rock off my back
I want to forget you
I want to forget you

I feel ashamed that I keep on writing this
But here and this are what I can only do
Keep on saying I am through with this
But all I do is keep on loving and missing you

I know you'd probably say I have no brain
I know that he can give you all you want
I know that life is so much better for you that way
So now I must throw this rock off my back
I want to be free again
I want to be free again

It seem the only blessing I have left
Is not knowing what we could have been
Cos' it shouldn't have happened, anyway...

Jahn: I am strong, I can go on without this...
Emil: I am strong too! yeah!!!


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