man crying? sissy? sensitive brat? unmanly guy?

no, bukan nak cerita pasal Cring Freeman lah...
biasa orang cakap yang airmata adalah permainan wanita, dengan mudah mereka boleh melemahkan jiwa seorang lelaki dengan tangisan (betul ke, Jahn cam biasa je... tak tersentuh pun, sebak pun tidak... adakah Jahn bukan manusia? oh no!) shadap Emil!

dan ada juga yang mengatakan bahawa airmata lelaki ibarat permata (ceh, aku je yang cakap camni!) sebab itu ianya susah, payah nak keluar...

tetapi, kan pernah kah anda terfikir kenapa susah benar lelaki nak menitiskan air mata kerana sedih... kenapa? ...dan kalau iya pun mereka menangis sebab sedih, mereka akan cover cam bodoh kata "habuklah bengong!" atau "mengantuklah b**i!" atau "eyemore lah sial!"... haaa, kan?

adakah mereka malu untuk mengaku yang mereka menangis kerana tersentuh atas sesuatu? undang-undang mana yang mereka gunakan untuk katakan yang yang lelaki tak boleh menangis... berdosakah kalau lelaki menangis?

hmm, Jahn pun tak tahu sebab Jahn pun susah nak menangis sebab rasa terharu (kecuali tengok hindustan tapi itu fiction hahaha). Jahn pernah rasa macam ni tau, waktu itu salah seorang ahli keluarga Jahn was being hospitalized and needed to undergone a major surgical procedure... suppose everybody was sad... my aunts and others were crying. but not me... I was unable to shed one tears even though, I knew it in my heart I was heartbroken and I can't tell, the feeling was like I might lose someone I really love tapi Jahn tak mampu nak titiskan sedikit air mata pun...

maybe that what being guys are all about... they don't want to show how pathetic they are by crying at times we need to be strong for the person who needs to be given strength... maybe that is the genes that grows in the heart, mind and musculature of the creature named 'man', 'guy' or 'lad'. maybe that is just who we are... man.

so, surely I'm not against people who wanted to express their feeling buy crying... because no man wants to cry... or at least not in front of others... I do cry... sometimes, when people were not seeing... and if I ached so so so damn much...

hahaha, I found this video by KevJumba, Ryan Higa and Chester See (again!)...  a cover of Rocketeer of Far East Movement... it;s funny... yeah definitely...

Here it comes
Can't you see
That we're tough guys and we have feelings.
Take my hand
Close your eyes
With you right here
Imma shed a tear and cry
Don't be afraid to cry cry
You can still be a manly guy guy
Just cry.
Don't be afraid to cry cry
Let it free fall from your eyes eyes

Wake up see a sunrise
Let it free fall from your eyes.
Start my day and I read a sonnet
Got got a soft cheek with a tear on it.
Step out and the skies are clear
I'm a man and I have no fear.
Take a step and I land in crap.
I let it out, no holding back.

Baby we can go out on a first date.
But you come and pick me up half an hour late.
Girl I'm not gonna lie, that you almost made me cry,
But I'm a masculine man ill be ok.
Yeah, your place, toy story 3
the greatest all time kid's movie.
But I forgot, Andy leaves Woody,
And now the tears are coming right back over me.

p/s - man who cries are not sissy, sissy don't cries they... err... mourns. sensitive brat do cries because they're... uuhhmmm, sensitive. unmanly guy... no, all man are manly... in their own way.


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