picture me this 2 years

all is within this 2 years... the pics are randomly arranged...

at Al-Ikhsan Melaka with Hakam...

Cektipah Syaza Ibrahim in class

Me in class, Ayeen at my back...

Yanie raya, if I'm not mistaken...

at Guardian Tesco Melaka before taking our bus to LCCT, went to Sabah afterwards...

meets up with my ex-lecturer, Encik Hafiz at Jonker Street

Abdul Hakam found his lost phone...

I drew this Tiger stripes on my face by myself... for PD go green campaign...

new COOL! hair... hahaha...

at my aunt's house, with my long straight hair... haha, so much Heechul-ness this time!

Nuraisha Fadzil... a good company for study back in the exam time.

studying with aisha...

Yanie's new hair...

Tipah's new hair...

fitting room.

belah tengah... so much Kyo Kusanagi-ness lah!!

me, and my sisters

at Old Town White Coffee CIMB Jalan Bendahara, Melaka

man in black, in class... a poyo-ness inside.

panahan asmara (wah!!), with Ayeen at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

with my kakak, berlakon pasangan kahwin paksa... hahaha, at kedai belakang Maybank.

trio not-likely-but-we're-done, me, Maria and Hakam, membuat assignment global marketing di McD Dataran Pahlawan Melaka.

before potong my super long hair, I treat myself at my fav bbq place of all time, Seoul Garden.  with Cektipah and Yanie.

at UMS Labuan, cross cultural trip.

my long straight re-bonded hair

at class, a night class, with my sitting partners, aisha and hakam.

in someone's car... who was it? hmm, dunno... Yanie's friend I guess. with Yanie and Tipah.

berbaring di surau Malaysian Mosaics Berhad.

me, Ayeen, kakak Fida and Encik Rahim at Pizza Hut Aeon Jusco Melaka

bermanja dengan Cektipah sayang.

my lil sister, Kak Teh.

in the 2nd floor's MMB's toilet.

1st time at Hakam's place... next day going for the BPKP at UiTM Melaka.

my 2nd lil sister, Aina.

my other sisters (haha!) - the budak pandai of the class, Emma and Ina... belakang is Via Boa, my niece (haha!)

Ayeen requested me to send her an MMS for her to make my contact pic at her phone... so I decided to take a Suju-inspired look. haha

my housemates, Aki and Kori feasting themselves the luxury of steambot at Sunway...

Aina is in the pack too...

me and my lovely party people, Cektipah Syaza Ibrahim

still with her... we're just friends...

at the same time and date, I'm also going out karaoke with my junior here, Ika (Hakam called her Quincy due to her profound ability in archery, haha!)

my housemate, roommate, Totex
... and this is the latest me.


Anonymous said…
ak xnk tgok blog ko da...sbb pic ak xde...nk jd anonymous pasnie...cet..x ingt roomate ar 2.

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