Alert: this entry is SERIOUS!

A lot of things in life we didn’t expect how it’ll ended.

A lot of consequences in the end is completely foreseeable (yeah, that’s for sure).

A lot of reasons given was like a piece of I don’t know, shit maybe… of how it’s happen.

And a lot of people can’t take that straight to the heart that everything happen has a silver lining.

Because? Because we can’t see it.

There’s usually no queue or clue of a misfortune happened… and most of us would rather resists seeing the fact that ‘something ended for a reason’.

Nothing happens to result a reasonless event. Nothing happens up to a purposeless occurrence.

Allah have a lot of reason to bless, to punish, to grant, to give and to bestow, it’s just about us seeing the whole purpose of the event…

Why am I saying, writing, and blogs about this? I don’t know. I am just updating my blog, a simple answer that is, but no… I want to share my feeling about the mourning people around me.

Guys, we act all macho and strong but to a point where I can see, we do cry sometimes… when people are not seeing, when people are no mocking about how pathetic we are about certain things and when we don’t have the luxury of being with… our loved one.

Well, the title post is “SAYA PUN SINGLE”, that’s me…

What wrong about being singly bachelor, spinster, unattached? For me, I don’t see any drawback of being one. Practically we have a lot of time for ourselves in doing what we like, what we want, what we need and yes, we don’t have to be emotionally involved in any way.

Emotionally involved means… we have our emotion tied up with that other counterpart. It means that we gave up half of us for the significant other. Half of us to be hold and half of ourselves to be taken as a credit guarantee. That is not good. Love has becoming more and more business-like day by day, huh?

Yes, I am talking in a sense of a good, respectful, and faithful love affair here, which each other gave up themselves to be together. A very sincere-motive affair.

But have we ever considered giving up ourselves, opens a door to be manipulated? Sometimes, love is not as pure as that feeling we felt at a first sight. You’ll know it when you lost it… like pain; you’ll never know how much it could anguish you until you have lost it. Love is the same; you can never know how much you can be truly loved until you have lost it. (‘Lost’ here can be of many reasons)

Sorry, but I am going much on being against this so-called Cinderella fantasies… not saying that I’m not a believer but, in this world that we are living in, don’t expect the quote, ‘…lived happily ever after’ to be materialized. That is pure fantasy!

So, all that I want to say here is that… Guys, keep strong… don’t let girls take a toll of yourself… don’t be bad just because things didn’t worked out right one time, two times, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and counting… take life seriously but live it simple… enjoy every single things with duly care (hahah!) and yes, do go out handsome, peeps!

make sure you go out handsome, guys!! yeah, checkout COOL! SPAO outfits here!

and be good too...
p/s - entry ini has nothing to do with siwon of the house, korlatow... he not even in the house now... ngehhh!!


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