The Green Hornet

Assalamualaikum semua,

Malam tadi baru tengok The Green Bee, kan... sounds weird... yes, it is... hahahhaa, The Green Hornet la!

Okaylah, meh sini Jahn review sket pasal that movie.

What to say, ermm...

It is a good movie... not bad, not bad at all...

the acting is actually good, especially on the part where how much ass can that Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) can actually be... he was hilarious... seriously!
Seth Rogen as Britt Reid a.k.a The Green Hornet (THE GOOD)

Okay, Britt is totally such an asshole, playboy, irresponsible, a jerk... but what's wrong with that (stop it Jahn, you know that's wrong!),'s wrong but how can you blame a newspaper tycoon's heir who has no care in the world... his father died and yes... he's rich! (I can see your point but, he is just ridiculous!)
But seriously, what's wrong about having a badass hero? it's not like everybody can act Superman, right? so, i think it is cool having a hero acting asshole like this, i like it!
Jay Chou as Kato (THE SECRET WEAPON)

The Green Hornet faithful (and far more cooler sidekick... NO, suppose to be partner!) Kato (Jay Chou)...this is the debut of Jay Chou in Hollywood but seriously... I think he can go far.
I still remember in an article i read, Jay Chou said that he do not wants to be Bruce Lee resemblance of Kato, he wants to be himself as Kato. And seeing a scene where he plays piano with Cameron Diaz, well that is him! but hey, what is the meaning of being an Asian if you can kick some KUNG FU butts!
The 3D scene was so cool...(although there are other movies that have much cooler 3D scenes), but I JUST like it!
Cameron Diaz as Lenore Case (THE BEAUTY)

Moving on to the beauty, Cameron Diaz... plays Lenore Case, act somewhat as the mastermind of The Green Hornet's moves. She studied Journalism and Criminology. But sadly, she's not the main plot of the movie (usually you see girls being kidnapped by the bad guys and the good guys came to rescue them but here... it is 180 degree flipped, The Green Hornet and his PARTNER!, came to her for help to get away from the police... as a mastermind herself, she did help them out in the end!)
Christopher Waltz as Chudnofsky a.k.a Bloodnofsky (THE BAD)

Christopher Waltz palys Chudnofsky whose later on changed his name to Bloodnofsky... is a villain... yes... he's a villain... that's it... he's a villain... OMG, what to write about him, hahahaha, yes, yes, yes... he tries so hard to make people scare of him but no, his not scary unless he shot them with that double barrel he has there... (too bad they can't see how 'scary' he had be!), yes... too bad... very-very-very bad...

About the story... hmm, i can only rate it 3 out of 5, because some parts, it's really boring (but surely worth watching, don't worry!)... if there's no such scenes like the 3D combat scene... it'll be bad... the plot can really be ridiculous, too simple and nothing much to say about... sadly, this would be a forgettable movie...

Jahn: hmm, power tak english aku?

Emil: go fuck yourself!

Jahn: jeles, jeles...

Emil: whatever... I'm outta here!


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