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Not too hard to remember


It's strange when we found thing/person that we like, we can remember a lot of what/who they are... I mean seriously, even how trivial it is. We have that sudden ability to remember.

It is not a wrong thing, though. It's good but have you wondered why?

L.O.V.E, most likely.

I remembered a friend of mine... hmm, yes, friend. Just put it that way. I remember how she didn't eat chilli sauce at all.. when she ordered a meal, she made it sure to say, "tak nak chilli sause."

One day, she accidentally forgot to say it. Her nasi goreng pattaya have a cute spiral shaped chilli sause. She didn't ate it. Well, showing how gentleman i am, i ate it for her. Like it'd ever show a sign of gentlemanhood. Well, naive me...yes.

So today, i order nasi goreng pattaya at dinner. Spiral shaped chilli sause. Think about her. And still be thinking.

I guess it's just L.O.V.E.