header baru saya

me and my friends..!

feeling2 muka jambu kan masing-masing, walaupun di dunia nyata muka kau miskin, kan..!
Hi, I just wanted to update that I'll be using a new header.

to those who read this blog, thanks...

to those you don't read this blog... (mmm, they didn't read your blog, Jahn... why are you wishing for them?), urmmm, yeah, you don't read here so, you don't know anything, har har har...!

so, what do you think of this pic?

I remember drawing this one couple of years ago... when I was in part 5 diploma... haaa... very, very long time... and now, I decided to use this as my blog header...

personally I value this pic really big sentimentally... because these were my friends and I that I was drawing...the red-haired guy was Akas, I was beside him (the blue-haired), the green-haired was Sesat and the one who is at the far right was Abegay.

I drew this for Akas for his final project. just a friend-to-friend favor. then, it turns out to be my liking very much... mucho, mucho..!

so, that's all... happy blogging semua..!

p/s - Emil must have been jealous of this..! hahaha..!

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