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Salam Sabtu... 6 Shaaban 1434, 15 June 2013.

So, what am I doing... I didn't updated my 'sedeh' blog for quite some times now. I thought that I need to do something with it. Hence, this entry post.

Life Script?

A friend at Facebook told me, 'some scripts are suitable for other actors'. I wasn't being able to understand that at first because...
I afraid that understanding it, will make me having to let go of something I wanted in life. But then, I came to my senses... I can't have everything... not in this small and tiring world. If you get everything you wanted, just imagine how it'll made you be. Arrogant? Of overt-pride? Mean?

You know what they say, money don't change people... they only showing what the people's have deep inside...

So, me being a student. I don't work but planning to search for one have this kind of problem. I can hardly finance myself... everything need to be planned. In Bahasa, we call it 'catu'... pretty much, I have to have a considerable amount of 'catuan' in everything... If you ask, it sucks but I just have to hack it. For now, I need to. No excuses, just need to accept it... but I'm doing quite well with it. So, I really have nothing to complain.

That is my script for now... just a regular dude student who pretty much have nothing to brag. Haha... not depressing anymore because I learned, acceptance is the key to freedom... look at the world from various perspectives. Don't trap yourself to just see things you wanted to see. That's how you can stop blaming yourself, others and the environment.

Nothing exists at the first place being hard, actually. It's just how you solve it.

Jahn: I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.

Emil: Good! Now, get on with your RESEARCH QUESTION!

Jahn: I'm trying!


Jahn: I am!


Jahn: I will die of having to hear to you, you creep!

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