susah ke malas?

Jahn: It is not easy to ‘renovate’ yourself in a day or two, you know. Some people took lifetime to change what they did, then… to what the do, now. So, don’t feel jacked up if you are moving slow on the path now. Take it easy and just go with the flow. River finds the sea, eventually.


Jahn: Okay, maybe that is so but… you never know what’ll happen unless you try, right?

Emil: That is not the problem; the problem is that how to get start with something you have no clue about. Like seriously, what to expect when you’re have… no… thing to expect.

Jahn: I was thinking you’d say, “What to expect when you’re expecting.”

Emil: Try to make fun of me, eh? Cut to the chase, get in the line.

Jahn: Okay, okay… I got it already. Huhh, hmm…you’re not having nothing to expect. You have things you’d be looking forward to. So, channels it. Set goal, draw mind maps and execute the literature. Get all things written down, so you won’t forget. Evaluate every angle of option at hand and try an error if you’re not sure of how it’d work.


Jahn: You don’t give too much to complain about if you’re serious with what you wanted.

Emil: …

Jahn: Get started with it. Hell started in no time, dude… why bother, you’re already in one.

It’s true. You’re hardly getting motivated once you face a block on your lane. You can not go straight but there’s always alternative route. The problem is just that whether you can go back on track again or you’d be taking a different alley. This one, no one can give definite answer on how to have indivertible goal. It’s just something you have to decide.

Emil: Okay! After spending f**k load of time for careful examination on what I wanted to do, I made up my mind! Let’s have pizza tonight!

Jahn: Great! Starving!!!

new menus in Pizza Hut, y'all!


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