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It was a quite morning, with roti canai and nasi lemak on the table for two at a local canteen-like eating place for the two of Jahn and Emil. People are having breakfast and some of them are playing dam haji. Some of the others go as well as to play cards… but not to the extent of berjudi that is. Good. Jahn looks distantly. The dialogue is just about to start.

Jahn: When all these things end up, I want to settle down peacefully, get married and have kids and live happily ever after for some time before I’m dead.

Emil: How can you be so sure? You’d think you get married?

Jahn: What do mean by that, you prick…?

Emil: Nothing, I’m just curious with your logic of life sketch.

Jahn: Do you need to be curious? This is my life anyway, let me, myself prepare for it.

Emil: True and I’m not butting in on it, now am I? I’m just asking “how sure are you on that”?

Jahn: Now that you mentioned it. Well, actually, apparently, honestly… not sure.

Emil: No answer or not sure? Not sure is that you’re having doubtful thoughts. No answer is that you’re having no idea of what it’s eventual. So, where are you standing, my friend?

Jahn: No answer.

Emil: Relax dude, chill out.

Jahn: I’m relaxed. I’m keeping cool, don’t I always?

Emil: No, you’re not. Serious, man… you’re can’t relax. This is why.

Jahn: Why?

Emil: Keep wishing for things, keeps planning, and keep talking. Man, it bugs the crap out of me hearing someone talks much than I do.

Jahn: That is because you’re like be the center of attraction my friend, you always are.

Emil: That is because I am attractive. Don’t you forget? Back to where it paused. Future is a string of thread so thin. You cannot see it but you know it’s there somewhere.

Jahn: Your metaphor is confusing.

style dowhhh...

kau mampu?

Emil: Yes, for someone who has a slow-functioning brain like you, it can confuse, it did. You see that? That is gambling. And you see the other one? That is careful conjecturing. Life is not just about only one of it, it’s both. You need to conjecture its pace and bet on the rest after you have done anything possible in your power to make it reality.

Jahn: I see your logic there…

Emil: Yes, your brain is just catching up on my speed. I can see that.

Jahn: Pay you nasi lemak yourself, darn it!

Yes, sometimes in life we're being too calculative on what we wanted to do which results in we're being unsure of it. This may somehow jeopardize the plan made earlier. It is normal for us to be questioning on thinkable things. That’s the very nature of human, curiousness. But curiosity kills the cat. Just be careful.
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