a clean restart

we shouldn't have lost if we followed the map so right
that was what someone told me a little too long ago
still I couldn't stop thinking from daylight to night
but what more could I do if you really wish to go

we will never crash if we don't drive the road so fast
that was once I heard some people keep talk about
now that I'm in the same situation, what can I say at last
you broke all those promises together we had vowed

and should you just walk away now cuz being here you're just making my tears fall down
and don't look at my face, in my eyes cuz you make me realize how hopeless I am now
to let such misery slips into my life and did nothing to get this pain out of my heart
now I know what foolishness I've let myself be for you all this while, all this hard time

well it's true what they say, love is just a game of the blind
of someone with eyes to see but refused to see through
it such a shame we had to turn our flight back to where it departs
but it's better for me to have a clean restart

my senses tell me that you're not worth the try

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