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I am happy with my work. It is not hard but never was easy for me. People learn everyday about newer thing, (usually) tough way to get through and yes, hurt sometimes. But those couple notches won’t just stay there for nothing. It’ll be mark for some furious things we have overcome. That was what matter.

Jahn: there's no hard times actually... if we have faith...
Emil: ...and perseverance and courage.
Jahn: hahaha...mengadakan kita... berlakon...
Emil: control...control...

Lunch time for me is not always on time as mine is not like others. Everyone’s time break is my working hour. So, I end up eating alone. That was nothing. I don’t mean that I like to eat by myself but, it is not such a bad idea, to be frank. And better yet, by the time I’m back at my work station the clock would be much closer to 5.30pm by an hour. At least.

Emil: Sedehh kau, Jahn!
Jahn: Diam lah kau!

Emil: wah... alpha male sangat muka natang nerd ni!
Jahn: wah mulut kau berbau kerang di pasar, Emil

If you ask me if life’s great, I won’t lie about it. It was fantastically AWFUL, sadly AMAZING and ordinarily SUPERB because I believe we cannot judge life as easy as ABC.  You cannot say it was great when it can flip 180 degree just like that after you celebrate it. Life was never fair but that is never wrong too. We just accept and work the best out of it.

Jahn: motip sangat life'good gambar camni... best ke hidup atas motor camni...
Emil: harus!!

People live by the rule may say RULE is a good thing because the bad thing don’t happen to them. It was like the saying of, “tak kena dekat batang hidung sendiri, boleh cakap lah.” This is what I often am thinking lately. A lot had happened and when I come to think about it, I was wondering, if they’ve perceived things will turn out this way, why would they do the crime? If they haven’t, they must have been stupid. But that stupidity would be so obvious and deep inside I can feel that they know the consequences but still, things happen by the end. Judgment makes it call. Punishment awaits and game over. As easy as that.

Emil: as charged, you are guilty, okeh!
Jahn: ...bodoh!

I got a lot of stupid calls from people inquiring about cars, insurance, road tax and stuffs. Okay, that’s my job after all ~ attending to stupid calls from people whose might not be stupid but they act rather stupid due to circumstances. People say, “budi bahasa budaya kita,” so that’s mean these people that I was speaking with are not Malaysian lah. They are rather pig-headed egocentric buffoon in a way or two.
But not all of them are monsters. Some are good. Some even better. Some even go as far as… hmm, better is the last level they can go.

Emil: beruk sangat client kau, Jahn.
Jahn: sangat...kan!

Jahn: aku betul-betul penah dapat phone call dari betina jalang tanya benda mengarut...
Emil: sabaukan je la...
Jahn: aku tak sabar, aku hang up...
Emil: baiiiikkkkk...

Jahn: katanya dah berkempen...
Emil: kempen tak cukup... kena buat contest...

To be honest I like my job now, I get steady income (although I unsteadily managed it), enough for me to feed myself, given some to my parents. But I know that I have to do better. And something better actually awaits. Sooner or later, I will get lost from here so why wait when you have better opportunity to be something else than now. That was what I tell myself each and every time I want to sleep. Yet, questions like, ‘am I good enough for it? Is it not too late? Will it be hard? Can I really do this? What if I failed?’ often get the best of me. I was like I was on the edge of a cliff running from a man-eating beast, to jump or not to jump. I might as well be dead doing either one. It was frustrating actually.

I don’t usually write this much actually, especially during work but I don’t know, I must’ve miss writing like this much I guess. I should wrap this thing up now. Till next time.

Wait, one more thing, who the hell is SUHAIMI?!! And Noni? What do you guys have to do with my phone number?! Why is everyone calling you? Have you guys done terrible things? Are you even a criminal?
Oh no!

Jahn: Those calls are annoying, I wished I know them so that I can do something about it?

Emil: What calls? Ohh, I know, your buffoon-like clients are they?

Jahn: no! The one asking for Suhaimi and Noni.

Emil: Yes… I do thing those are psychos, they’re tring to rape you, Jahn.

Jahn: Crazy lah you! Why would they want to rape me?

Emil: Because you’re …. (Slurping his lips)

Jahn: What do you mean?!

Emil: … (Slurps lips again)

Jahn: Emil…?

Emil: … (Slurps lips again)

Jahn stands up and… dang! One low kick to Emil’s pretty face. Fights on!

Jahn: motip sangat Emil, kau jilat camtu...
Emil: lantakkk!

Jahn: nah amek sebijik jambu batu!
Emil: ...kebodohan kau terserlah Jahn.

The end. hmmm, not likely
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