those emails

As I looked at the screen
I remembered how you meant to me
I don’t know if it sound silly
But you make me can’t stop screaming

Although you and I would never be
I can only dream that one day
The day which will never come
Will happen right before our very eyes

It’s so hard to stay away from this feeling
It kills me so soft and I didn't realize
That I have long gone down in history
It’s so cruel that life treated me bad
But what can I complain about now
That I know that you and I were only a fantasy

As I looked at the pic
I remembered what we used to do
We walked all the way of the streets
And talking like I felt nothing for you

I know it sounded so very pathetic
But that was all that I got to show
So that you stayed longer by my side
I don’t wanna lose you just yet
I know that you'd run away
If you knew I’m in love with you

As I looked at the screen
I realize it was always you
The one who still and keep haunting me
But I keep on can’t stop thinking of you

ehsan my incik google...

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