fiction of fact


χαιρετώ (read as chairetó) is Hello in Greek.

Greek sangat, kan..!!
a little fiction

A day before Ramadhan.

the Devil was very sure of what he had to endure for a whole of next month. he will be in the Hell. chained, he can't tempt human to do wrong deeds. he can't lure them to the abyss of digression. he can not!

setan sangat, kan..!!
but with a wicked smile, he opened his demonic red eyes and see through all human. there is something there. something that will kept his presence in the heart of the Human.

he talked to the 'thing' whose lived in the very soul of each Human.

"ALLAH have given the Human a hell of a blessing in Ramadhan. HE locks me away from them so that I can not lure them to evil. HE sure loves them so much! But you... you can help me... aren't you?"

the 'thing' responded, "sure... I can apprehend them myself now that you're chained."

with a devilish smirk, the 'thing' smiled and swore to the Devil, " go back to Hell, I'll keep the human busy here... come back later and laugh with me!"

On the 1st day of Ramadhan.

a guy worked as a waiter in a restaurant was serving a customer. the foods was very delicious and tempting. he tried his best to fast and not to cheat. but he couldn't as he felt something within his very heart, telling him that, " hmmm, that food sure looks good... I wonder how it tastes." he couldn't control himself, and he ate...

"Devil, you just rest there... everything's under control. hahaha..!"

On the other day of Ramadhan.

A bunch of school boys smoked in a toilet. where they usually did. another guys came in and saw what happen.

"You guys didn't fast? You're big enough..!"

they felt the rage of being reproved that way. they sure know how big they are but to be told what to do and what's not to do was just too much that it started to get on their nerves. a soft and hardly heard voice whispered in their ears.

" this dude needs to be taught how to behave... give 'em a piece of you!"

and the poor guy was beaten half to death just for telling what's right.

even in hell, the Devil laughed in ecstasy, " you're sure is good!" shouts the Devil praising the 'thing'.

Still on the day of Ramadhan.

a girl and a guy dated at a recreation park. being together alone... you know what they say, when a male and a female get together, the 3rd person is the Devil. but within this holy month, devils are chained. but why are this couple still be doing such disrespectful things...

again... the Devil laughed, and his laughed just getting more and more intense. he is over-joy.

" LUST, you are the devil of every man!"

" thanks for the compliment, Mr. Devil."

"yes... I am LUST!!!"

why am I be writing this? well, I see and observe things. yes, above is a fiction. but what is fictive can be a fact. LUST is here and, it didn't go to Hell, chained like it's demonic counterpart.

with a heart full of negativity, even in the holy month of Ramadhan, there will be no blessing if we nurture our heart with negativity from the start.

if we refuse to fuse our heart with positivity and ibadah and tawaduk to Allah, even without Devil to incite you, you'd still do bad things.

do what ALLAH ask us to do, perform solat and do good deeds before Ramadhan came... InsyaALLAH, LUST can be apprehended, way below the level of iman.

I am not saying that I am a perfect person.. but seeing other people whose disregard this holy month, I was ashamed to have them to be my brethren in Islam.

walaupun diri ini sebenarnya dirasakan sudah cukup tidak berbaloi dengan rahmat Allah tetapi masih ada lagi yang langsung tak tahu menghargai nikmat menjadi Muslim...

p/s - how can they claim themselves as Muslim if what they did is completely the opposite?
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