update pagi: terima kasih kejutkan saya bangun sahur.


Hi, readers. (korang menyampah tak aku speaking? feelinggggg mengada, kan? LANTAKKK..!!)

aku... feeling-feelingggg lelaki inggeris kacak berbahasa ibunda, kan... padahal broken..!!

this is a short entry for the morning, I just wanted to say Thank You... (like in a formal way) to each and every person who wakes me up to have sahur. You don't know how you guys means to me. (macam big deal, sangat, kan..!!), how you get me through... each obstacles (to open my eyes), each hard situations (to get that ikan bilis bun into my mouth). so I make sure I'll work harder to never disappoint you (to wait till Maghrib to break fast, even not together). I'll stay strong, so you stay strong with me too..!!

thanks to:-

julaikha seri ayu (1st person to text me)
abdul hakam ibrahim (2nd person)
kelly kelly (3rd person)
aina (my sister)(4th person, dia kata dia tak boleh puasa hari ini)
syaza ibrahim (5th... luyya!!)
aina (my friend) (6th person, thanks for calling)
marlina ismail (kawanku sudah jadi milik orang)(7th person)
fatimah zakaria (imsak dah habis but thanks for the thought)(the last nice person this morning)

p/s - text suruh kejutkan was actually 16 people. but only 8 people love me... hahhh..!!
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