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Përshëndetje is hello in Albanian. (I'll be doing this crap, saying hello in various languages from now on).

lately, Jahn was being really out of place. a lot of things to think with no actual reason to think of it. come to think of it, I was really messed up. (I know, annoying repeating words).

takde mood...huhh!!

so, my mood to blog was as well... urmmm, spaced. I don't really know why. I don't know where it goes cuz I don't feel like writing now.

need a break...?? kau mampu perisa green tea yang tawar2 pahit tu jadi kit kat..? kau nak makan..? hebat kau..!!

hmm, maybe I just need a break but the break is not what is there to be compromised. a part of me saying don't rest too long, cuz you'll end up being left behind. that is bad. and yes, another half of me telling me, pacing up too fast is not who you are, Jahn, you're actually slow. what the...?

sebenarnya kau tu lembab, Jahn...!!

hahaha... not much people 'mengutuk diri sendiri' themselves, right? but not me. sometimes, I did that. just to keep me to the ground. it makes me realized there are a lot that I can't do by myself. it makes me lower my e.g.o down to the ground I stepped on to (wouldn't it'll be easier and understandable to say 'down to earth' instead?). huhuhuuu... lantak..!!

ahhh.....!!!! malasnya kerja..!!!

aaaaa... that's all for tonight, I have a morning shift tomorrow. so, I need to be up before sunrise...

and yeah... people, for Muslim. Selamat Berpuasa... stay happy always. don't lessen your pahala puasa with being moody, have sahur first, make sure to eat a quality amount of complex carbs... it breaks to glucose a little more longer than regular carbs. (that is quite nutritional, good info, Jahn!).

selamat berpuasa, dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas...

masaklah.. jangan makan mentah-mentah pulak...!!


p/s - dah lama tak buat entry bergambar camni...


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