This entry is (was) written at 2334, October 6th 2012. Currently, I am listening to Jordin Sparks – One Step at a Time. She said, Hurry up and wait, so close but so far away, everything that you always dreamed of, close enough for you taste but you just can’t touch…

I know I can’t always live in the shadow of the past, I won’t get anywhere. I am so much wanted to swear that I don’t want to be pathetic again, and is working hard towards it. But it’s too early to foretell the end result; at this stage I’m only collecting data.

I am learning to fly, fly is not impossible. People are destined to fly, if you ask me. It is not impossible. Why? Airplane? That’s an easy answer for people who refuse to think, but again… the answers are subjective, no wrong answers, it’s just opinions here…

For me, people can fly if they find other meaning of flying, soaring, elevating, uplifting and so on… fly to me not only by having wings to flap and levitate above ground. I like to refer flying as doing something beyond perceived capabilities.

Being able to fly in that way, I think is the best feeling ever. When you know you're achieving something big, something remarkable, something fortifying… it give meaning for all the hardship you faced.

And how can we achieve that? Yes, one step at a time, no need to rush…

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