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please excuse me, but I wanna be an English-sounding b**ch for awhile...

I am so fucked up right now, I am really unaware of the fact that I am turning 23 this year. Oh my God... 23 is a... a... a... a lot of number, that is  not good... (means I'm getting more and more older each passing years.. urgghhh!!), that is not good, indeed!

what should I do? well, obviously, I need to get a REAL job, and start to REALLY working, and start to SERIOUSLY saves money, and get some clue about dating... NO! that can wait...

so, this entry is just a minor 'luahan hati' which I consider a bit, no... not a bit... it's craps!

huuuu... can't believe my life as a student had already REALLY go down the train... OVER as if like... hmmm... HISTORY, maybe... ahhh!! this is killing me!!

I need to tampar-tampar my pipi so that I can bring myself back to reality... okay people... I stop here for awhile, wanna go for a jog... get fit, stay healthy... be handsome... ngehhhh!!!

Jahn: a seductive CEO?
Emil: Yes, you idiott!!
Jahn: why you, son of a bit...
Emil: not the 'B' word!!!
Jahn: you... you... you... youtube!!!!

Jahn: Emil, when did you write this?
Emil: Just now, when you're not around...
Jahn: NO!!! I am just in front of the lappy...
Emil: well, I guess... I had just 'merasuk' you then...
Jahn: you son of a...
Emil: Not the 'B' word!
Jahn:... you son of a PEREMPUAN JALANG!

p/s -  oh boy, I miss Jahn and Emil a lot, they didn't came out much lately... dangggg! auch!!!
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