sebelum jadi apa-apa, FIKIR!


have you ever been in that time where you just want to let loose, you're head was very full with lots of thoughts about anonymous things which shouldn't even be there.

mesti pernah, kan... but anyway, a wise person once told me that, "no matter what happened to you, and how much you can't take the burden taking it's toll on you, never ever do something stupid which one day of your life that you're living makes you regret it." well, I forget who said it, maybe something I hear in a TV drama.

but, I really thing so... walau apa-apa pun yang berlaku dan seteruk mana sekalipun keadaan yang terjadi terhadap kamu, jangan sekali-kali buat perkara yang bodoh yang mana  suatu hari nanti kamu hidup untuk menyesali tindakan kamu itu.

I've seen so many people takes wrong turn in their life and act all okay but truth is, I know that they know which they really know that I know the real thing. they regret it but that thing called 'ego' just won't cut it. they continue just like it's alright when the truth is inside, deep to the bottom of their heart, they are actually wishing things would never have to be that way...

so, what I want to say here is that... don't take things for granted too much... because a lot of things in life are not like what it seems, superficial is chameleon... it can changes to a color you don't perceive it would be... so, sebelum berbuat apa-apa, fikir kesan kepada kita, then pada orang lain, then kepada masa depan as a whole... not just yours, but everyone near you...

p/s - moral of the entry is "nak buat jahat, pandang kiri, kanan... better tak payah buat!"
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