5 entries in one go! (The Mechanic, I am Number Four, Beastly, Black Swan, The Adjustment Bureau)

Assalamualaikum semua,

Hari tu, kan... pergilah ke Melaka... jumpa buah hati (mak aihhh, buah hati lak!)... ahahaha, jumpa Yanie dengan Tipah... saja-saja lepak-lepak... dah kalau lepak dengan mereka, kan... jadinya aktiviti kegemaran adalah menonton movie di GSC Dataran Pahlawan la, kan (GSC kat Melaka dekat situ jela pun, nak pergi tengok kat Mid Valley pulak kau kan...doh!)...sadap Emil!

Okaylah bukan nak argue pasal tengok wayang dengan mereka pun... yang nak diberitahu di sini adalah ceciter yang ditonton...

no.1 - The Mechanic
no.2 - I Am Number Four
no.3 - Beastly
no.4 - Black Swan
no.5 - The Adjustment Bureau

haaaa....semuanya berharga RM 50.00, kan...
*reversely, I think I am a good money spender, I really planned what I want to do with the cash I own!! ahahahaha...nangis...


My comments to all the movies I watched is base on like this, first represent what I like more than the rest...

no.1 - The Mechanic
no.2- I Am Number Four
no.3 - Beastly
no.4 - Black Swan
no.5 -  The Adjustment Bureau

(huh?) dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot... (what's the different with the list of movie that you've watch, chronologically, Jahn?) ahahahaha, entah... tak sangka pulak aku tengok movie yang main lama makin tak best  ~ pada aku!

The Mechanic
actors - Jason Statham and Ben Foster

the story is simple, about a person, doing assignments (killing people), no emotional relates to job, people trying to get revenge. bad guys planning on using them... so much like we've seen it in any movie before, I can almost say that there's nothing original here, but why do I like it so much?

here's why...
Jason Statham in The Mechanic
okay, guys... when Jason is in for a movie, you can assure that the movie going to be fantastic. we've seen it in Transporter1, 2, 3, we've seen it in Expendables, The Italian Job (not to be forget). so, basically, he was one of the reason why I'm buying the ticket.

Ben Foster
I am Number Four
actors - Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olypant, Dianna Argon, Callan Auliffe, Teresa Palmer, Kevin Durand
I am Number Four ~ Alex Pettyfer
This is my kind of movie. I like it when it involves people with superpowers (ahahahaha!), there is nothing much I don 't like about this movie other than waiting... and keep waiting... and waiting again for number 6 to show up! (urghhh, it's killing me!)

Teresa Palmer as Number 6 ~ walawey!!!!

Dianna Argon as Sarah  ~ suweeeeeiiitttt.... seriously, sweet.
Timothy Olyphant as Henri

Callan Auliffe as Sam
kalau pakwe kau boleh buat camtu, sama ada kau still sayang dia lagi(?), sayang betul(?), OMG, bf aku ada superpower(?) or baby, do it again!!!
This movie is about John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), a hunky alien with superpower from a planet I dont remember what it name was... some kind of a legacy (I was paying attention this time) with thet kind of freaky power (well, actually not very freaky...) a forth of his kind, thus the title 'I am Number Four'. His protector, Henri (Timothy Olyphant) died to save him from another alien creature (The Mogadorian) whose intention is to eliminate all the 9 legacies... 3 are dead... sadly... John found himself in love with Sarah (Dianna Argon), huhh, as perceived. bla,bla, bla, bla... befriends with Sam, a dorky guy over UFOs and stuffs. bla, bla, bla, bla... watch the movie yourself, will you?

actors - Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Marie-Kate Olsen
Beastly is a modern re-telling of the classic Beauty and the Beast, hence, Beastly... it is the story of a guys who think (more like was thought to think) that 'beautiful people get it better.' Im not against it but for some reason im not pro to it either.

Kyle/ Hunter (Alex Pettyfer) is a spoil rich guy who never feels for others, he thinks that he is God's Gift (actually, yes he is...) 

Lindy (why don't just stick with Belle?) played by Vanessa Hudgens (aahhh...fainted!) is this girl who undoubtedly have crush on Kyle but she's not like other typical girl who would hook on him just because she likes him. in fact, she never tell this to Kyle at all. but she did tell to Hunter. so, the love must have been sincere...

Kendra (Marie-Kate Olsen) plays as a teenage freak-witch whose says this, "you have a year to find someone who loves you... Or stay like this forever…As aggressively unattractive outside as you are inside," and yes...Kyle was cursed!

Alex Pettyfer as Kyle

Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy

Marie Kate Olsen as Kendra
Black Swan
actors - Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis

I've never imagine Princess Tutu can be as twisted like this!

Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) is a ballerina whose playing the role of Swan Queen in a ballet play whatsoever... this movie is not actually about the Swan Lake fairytale, it only utilizes the plot of the fairytale and change it into something demonically WOW!!... I just creating a term here, hahaha1

But seriously, we can see how much Nina changes from start to end because of Black Swan... because she wants to be perfect and the picture of perfect can only last if that's the last thing you'd do. you get me?
*I don't really get it myself, though...hahaha! (Fool!) but really, this movie requires a lot of attention to fully understand what's happenning... or else, you'd be lost even before half of the film duration.

But I must say, even the acting is terrific for both Natalie and Mila... I like Mila more... she's hot!

Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers

Mila Kunis as Lily

surely babes...
The Adjustment Bureau
actors - Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie

What if, fate is somebody's case to handle?

Matt Damon as David Norris

Emily Blunt as Elise Sellas
Anthony Mackie as Harry Mitchell
sesi soal siasat, kan...
There's nothing wrong with the movie actually but the thing is just that this is a very light sci-fi for me... it's may not be a sci-fi at all if I come to think about it clearly. the plot was to much of a typical drama. there's really nothing much I hat though about the movie... and yes, there's also pretty much nothing to like either...

The story tells a about a man, David Norris whose found out that everything that happened has 'interventions'. it can either be chances or adjustment. the adjustment bureau is the people who adjust fate according to what the chairman planned. knowing that, David tries to defy.


OMG, 5 reviews in one post? never thought of it before...but all and all, I like this one the most...
Vanessa, my....baby, come back!!! nyanyi, kan...


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